10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Architect

To build the custom home of your dreams, you need a qualified architect to design your project. 

Simple. Finding that architect to work with? Not so easy. Finding the architect with the experience level you want, the certifications they should have, the right price point and the architect’s familiarity with your design preferences are just a few of the initial challenges to finding your architect. While searching for an architect to partner with, many people start to gather names by asking around to friends and family for recommendations. And once you’ve got a few names to go with, you’ve got to interview them to make your decision. 

Our top ten questions to ask an architect before you hire them:

  1. What are the core values and principles you refer to when designing homes?
  2. How will you gather information about my needs, goals, vision, ideas, etc.?
  3. What are the steps in your architectural design process and what is the experience like for clients?
  4. What will you show me along the way to explain the project and help me visualize the design (models, drawings, sketches, 2-D or 3-D renderings)?
  5. What do you see as important considerations or possible challenges in my project?
  6. Who on your team fleshes out the initial design concept, and who takes it from there to finalize the plans?
  7. What is your current workload and capacity? What is the proposed timeline for delivering a design for a home like mine?
  8. What is your fee structure? What is included in your basic services and what services would incur additional fees?
  9. If the scope of the project changes later, will there be additional fees? How will the fees be calculated and communicated to me?
  10. Can you provide a list of references?

The answers to these questions will help you determine whether a particular architect is the right one for your project. For suggestions about the kinds of answers to look for from your architect on these questions, download our resource document. 

For more ideas and resources for any stage of your build, contact us. We stand by our quality, have glowing reviews with past clients, and want you to feel assured and apprised of the progress of your home each step of the way. We welcome questions and put a premium on clear, concise and prompt communication so that you know you, and your home, are in good hands.

To get started working with us on your build, contact us to Schedule your Idea Session today. 


10 Questions To Ask An Architect Before Hiring Them

Asking architects the right questions is key to getting the home you want.
 Selecting the right architect for your project is easier said than done, as there are several factors to take into consideration. Here are the top 10 questions to ask your architect that will help you identify if they are the best fit for your project.

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