MMD Construction Lovingly Restores Old Spanish-Style Home In Mission Hills San Diego

MMD Construction Lovingly Restores Old Spanish-Style Home In Mission Hills San Diego

Reflecting a rich architectural heritage, the historic Mission Hills district’s classic 1920’s Spanish-style homes are community “jewels”. Fortunately, MMD Construction’s full scale remodel offered this historic home a new lease on life following impeccable renovations that also carefully preserve the home’s historical integrity.

Assuring that is the case is the city’s Historical Preservation Board. Its rigorous rules and regulations ensure that any construction project within the city limits protects a historic structure’s “original” period of architecture.

While approaching the process for historic-construction approval may be a bit daunting for some, in contrast, Milan Djokich, President of MMD Construction knows the ropes.

“Remodeling a Mission Hills historic home is rewarding on many levels, but most importantly it’s an opportunity to preserve history while still creating a comfortable and functional space for modern day living,” says Djokich.

Nestled in the heart of San Diego’s historic Mission Hills district, many of these homes were built in the 1920s or 30s. Making interior changes and all-new modern interior finishes often are okay (depending on the individual project), but “for the exterior, you must renovate the home to ‘the period,” Djokich explained.

As an award-winning custom home builder in San Diego, MMD knows a lot about "maintaining the integrity of a historic home." This full scale remodel provided a modern infusion to a classic Spanish style home. Sleek interior design and a completely revamped indoor/outdoor courtyard bring new life and energy to this classic piece.

When it comes to home building in San Diego, experience counts. That's why San Diego-based MMD Construction is such a good choice. With over 10 years of experience in the business, they know how to get things done right - and how to do it efficiently.

For instance, when working on a historic home, you can't just use flat stucco to match the exterior. There are specific rules and regulations that must be followed in order to preserve the historic integrity of the home. MMD knows how to navigate these rules and regulations, ensuring that every home is built according to code.

But it's not just experience that sets us apart. MMD is also mission-driven, with a commitment to providing a 5-Star Experience to every client. This means that our designs are inspired and customized to reflect each homeowner's personality and lifestyle. Founded over a decade ago, MMD continues on the path of building award winning new homes, possessing a strong commitment to building luxury residences that possess unparalleled quality and design. With a deep dedication to making clients’ dreams come true, MMD remains committed to delivering a quality luxury lifestyle our clients love coming home to.

While much has changed in San Diego's landscape since MMD's conception, one thing that remains the same is the company's mission to provide top-tier homes in Mission Hills San Diego that reflect the area's unique and storied past. As President of MMD put it: "It's those old Spanish-style homes that still enchant. I live, work, and play in the Mission Hills district, so driving by those lovely historic homes that we've restored over the years is truly rewarding. They're jewels to be cherished, a reflection of the area's rich architectural heritage." With this in mind, it's clear that MMD is not only one of the premier home builders in San Diego, but also an invaluable part of Mission Hills San Diego history.

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