Tips on How to Make the Perfect Modern Ranch House

Tips on How to Make the Perfect Modern Ranch House

Many people dream of living in a ranch style home, with its wide-open spaces and indoor-outdoor living possibilities. Recently, there has been a resurgence in interest in the modern ranch house style, which blends the classic ranch style with contemporary architectural features. But what makes the perfect modern ranch house? In this blog post, we’ll dive into the design elements that contribute to the perfect modern ranch house, and how you can incorporate them into your own home.

Open Floor Plan: A modern ranch house often has a wide-open floor plan, with a flowing layout that connects the kitchen, dining, and living areas. This open floor plan allows for easy entertaining and creates a sense of spaciousness. To achieve this look in your home, consider removing any unnecessary walls to create an open flow between rooms.

Natural Materials: A modern ranch house often features plenty of natural materials, such as wood, stone, and brick. These materials help to bring the outdoors in and create a warm, rustic feel. Consider incorporating natural materials into your home’s design through features such as a stone fireplace or exposed wooden beams on the ceiling.

Indoor-Outdoor Living: A modern ranch house often blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living spaces, allowing residents to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. A large covered patio or outdoor living room can enhance your home’s living space and provide a perfect spot to relax in the open air.

Clean Lines: A modern ranch house often features clean, uncluttered lines that create a sleek, modern look. Think minimalist furniture and simple finishes, with an emphasis on functionality and practicality. Consider incorporating clean lines into your home by keeping decor simple and surrounding yourself with only the essentials.

Sustainable Design: Many modern ranch houses are designed to be environmentally friendly, with features such as solar panels or rainwater collection systems. Incorporating sustainable design elements into your home not only benefits the environment but can also save you money on energy costs in the long run.

Whether you’re building a new home or looking to enhance your current home’s design, incorporating elements of the modern ranch house style can create a warm and inviting space that melds seamlessly with the natural surroundings. From open floor plans to sustainable design features, there are many ways to create the perfect modern ranch house. Consider incorporating these design elements into your own home to create the perfect blend of classic and contemporary style. For inspiration, browse through our gallery to find the perfect modern ranch house for you!

What is modern ranch-style?

From sweeping pastures and fields to cozy, suburban communities, the ranch-style home has taken on a new look and feel with modern updates. As the name suggests, modern ranch-style homes still evoke the wide-open spaces and indoor-outdoor living of their predecessors, but with today's design style in mind. These homes are often characterized by their striking, boxy shapes and thoughtful outdoor spaces. Large windows bring plenty of light inside while providing stunning views of the surrounding landscape, and basements and attached garages offer plenty of storage and living space. For those looking for a blend of modern convenience and rustic charm, modern ranch-style homes are definitely worth considering.

How to make a ranch house modern?

Gone are the days of the traditional ranch-style houses with their low-pitched roofs and narrow porches. If you want to give your home the modern edge it deserves, there are a few tips to keep in mind. For starters, create interest in your yard by playing with different levels of landscaping. Break up the monotony by adding contemporary features such as a custom front door to really draw attention. A porch or patio area can also bring some life to the front of the house. When it comes to the exterior, emphasize horizontal lines in fencing and house trim for a sleek modern look. Inside, remove any walls you can to open up the space, and consider lifting your ceiling to the roofline to add some height. With a few simple tweaks, your ranch-style home will be the talk of the town.

How can I make my ranch house more interesting?

If you're feeling bored with the boxy design of your ranch-style home, the good news is that there are a few simple tricks that can add interest and dimension to your space. One quick fix is to cut back trees and shrubs that obscure the home's design, allowing passersby to appreciate its unique style. Adding height and texture through layered landscaping can also draw the eye and add depth to your exterior. To really make your ranch house pop, consider playing up color and texture with contrasting paint colors and materials like stone or wood. No matter what changes you make, be sure to highlight your front door - the focal point of your home - and enhance your porch with lighting, decor, and comfortable seating.

What is ranch-style vs bungalow?

Ranch-style homes and bungalow-style homes may seem similar at first glance, but they each have unique features. Ranch-style homes have a sprawling, horizontal layout and typically feature low-pitched roofs and high ceilings. On the other hand, bungalow-style homes often make use of design elements that are both functional and stylish, such as customizations and compact closets with built-in shelving. These homes are known for their attention to detail and focus on making the most out of limited space. Whether you prefer the open layout of a ranch-style home or the creative use of space in a bungalow-style home, both offer distinctive charm and character.

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