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Our Design Experts Reveal The Top Luxury Home Decor Trends In Rancho Santa Fe

While home design and decor trends are ever-evolving, one trend has been— and remains!— strong for several years. Think natural, organic, and simple.


Studies show that being close to nature reduces stress. By incorporating use of nature, from natural materials and colors, to plant-themed decor and live plants, outdoor living areas can become personal oases for relaxation and retreat, and expanded space for entertaining:

  • Landscape designs may feature more garden spaces and hardscape areas such as patios and decks.
  • Amenities can include custom-designed walls and trellises, outdoor kitchens, and specialty lighting.
  • Outdoor audio systems can add a soothing layer of sound to a peaceful retreat, or be a lively addition to gatherings of family and friends.


An interior garden provides daily contact with nature, promoting tranquility and relaxation in the midst of the busyness and stress of contemporary life:

  • Use of natural materials continues to be relevant in home design: wood, glass, stone and metal continue to have prominence; meanwhile, not surprisingly, plastics and other synthetic materials continue to be out of favor in design and decor.
  • Natural, even unfinished, surfaces have increased in popularity too, with unpainted wood, stone texture, living plants, ceramic articles and even wicker are making a strong showing in luxury decor.
  • Additionally, luxury homeowners are improving the health qualities of their indoor environment as they modify their homes to have a more natural feel. Among the strategies, they are adding air-purifying houseplants, changing air filters frequently, using eco-friendly paints, adding air purifiers, and eliminating their use of household products containing harmful chemicals. In addition to attention paid to air quality, “green”, energy efficient technology continues to be incorporated into homes in order for them to not only feel more natural, but also to have a smaller impact on the natural environment surrounding them.

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